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Especially health opened in April 1991.

Proprietor - Wendy K Kent B.A. Dip. D.T. Dip. H.F.R. (Diplomas in Dietary Therapy & Health Food Retailing)

Mission statement - to provide, food and other products, information and contacts with various health therapists, that can help people to improve and maintain vitality of mind, body and spirit.

Location - We are situated at: 119 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1UP

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1,000 ft of selling area over two floors includes:-

Our food department includes:-

If we do not stock an item required we can often offer a similar product or order a product for you, as being an independent store, we have an open choice as to what we can order. It is not always possible to track products down but we will do our best for you.

Mail Order

If you are unable to visit our store, we are willing to send you products by mail for a charge to cover postage.

Product and health advice

Many of our sales assitants are practising and or quilified natural health practitioners. They are able to offer a few minutes of free advice for choosing products and improving health. Even with all this training please do not expect us to have all the answers, listen to what we know or think we know but do not ask us to take responsibility for your decisions. Taking self-responsibility is an important concept in natural healing. In the past many people have obediently followed their doctors advice and accepted their 'incurable' prognosis with out question. This is changing and people are realising that if you do not like the prognosis it may be possible to change it. Miraculous healings occur all the time. Accepting that there is no guaranteed treatment for one's condition may be sensible but accepting that one's condition is 'incurable' is so self limiting.


We a number of visting and resident therapists offering many therapies including Allergy testing, Nutrition, Medical herbalism, Naturopathy, Reflexolagy, Dieatry and lifestlye therapy. Please visit the Therapies pages of our website for more infomation.