Wendy K Kent

B.A. Dip. DT. Dip. H.F.R

Holistic Health Consultant

Experienced, independent and confidential advice, to help you find the treatment that best suits your needs.

Holistic Health Consultant

Are you feeling stuck with a health issue or life situation? Do you often feel stressed or experience negative emotions that repeatedly leave you feeling blocked from enjoying your life? Would you like to be guided as to what treatments are available and what might best suit you?

My name is Wendy Kent. I have been running Especially Health for 20 years and during that time I have helped to advise many people in search of answers to questions such as those above. In that time I have seen a wide range of new products emerge as well as welcoming into the shop many new therapists offering the most up to date treatments. I have guided and coached many of the younger practitioners as they have become established.

I am now bringing all this experience together as a Holistic Health Consultant. As your personal health coach, I will offer advice to help you to make sure that you are doing the best you can for your own health. With over 20 years of experience, I can help you plot a course of natural help that will help to relieve your feelings of stress and anxiety, improve your physical wellbeing and move you closer to your health and vitality goals.

Dietary & Nutritional Therapist

Would you like to know what to eat to provide you with a consistent good level of energy? Do you suffer with digestive discomfort, skin problems, headaches, joint or muscle pain or hormonal imbalances. Are you unhappy with your weight or shape? Is your dietary and nutritional intake helping you to live a full and happy life?

I have been working as a Dietary and Nutritional Therapist since gaining my Diploma in Dietary Therapy with Dr Lawrence Plaskett in the 1980s. Through my involvement with Especially Health I have continued to study different dietary approaches and I have learnt that there is no one diet fits all. My goal is to enable you to find what will work for you.

If Diet and Nutrition is an area that you choose to explore, then I will help you to discover the food choices that will provide you with a steady level of blood glucose, vital for energy.

I will help you discover how to keep your body's acid, alkaline balance correct by adjusting diet and other lifestyle factors. These two goals are vital for the body's natural healing process to function well. I will help you explore diet as interaction with your environment through all of our senses, not just the food you eat. I do recommend the use of nutritional supplements but only after looking at the whole lifestyle and diet.

Stress Management

Running my own businees, mothering my 3 children, adjusting to marital breakdown and being a single parent have been great opportunites to experience stress and learn to manage it.
How I help My tools: I use and have qualified as a teacher of Ulli Springett's 'Symbol Therapy' or 'Five-minute Miracle' I have studied and qualified in performance coaching to help me in my role of employer and with my clients.

Natural Eyesight Training

Would you like to wear glasses less and say goodbye to eye strain? Prevent deterioration of your eyesight? Manage a degenerative eye disease? Be advised on diet and natural food supplements to help your eyes?

My story of a life with less use of glasses

I wore glasses from age 5 until 25. They were the first thing I put on in the morning and last thing I took off at night. Then my daughter of 4 developed a squint and an operation was suggested. This made me look at alternative eyesight therapies and it was then that I discovered The Bates Method, an established system developed by eye-care physician William Bates M.D in the early 20th Century.

I found a Bates trained teacher and after applying his suggestions for several weeks and with clear signs of improvement, he suggested that leaving my glasses off might help my daughter who perhaps 'liked being like Mummy'. I found I got headaches and sore eyes to start with but continued to do this and have the lessons. Within 6 months my daughter was fine and my glasses lived in the car for driving use only. I was thrilled and then went on to train as a teacher. So, if you'd like to explore a new way of seeing the world, come and have a chat about what The Bates Method might offer you.

You can book with the shop on 01732 741181 or you can ring me for more information on 01732 458540. email:[email protected] First appointments take about 1½ hrs hours and subsequent appointments, 1 hr. Cost: £20 for 20min Holistic Health consults. £60 for 1st full consult. Subsequent appts. £40.